Light Keeper Pro

Alternate Method – AC Plug Connector

Occasionally your bulb sockets are inaccessible or light sockets are too large to fit into the Lightkeeper Pro’s Socket Connector. If this occurs, use this rarely needed Alternate Method.


Alternate Step 1A: Find the plug to the defective light set. If more than one light set is attached to the set End-to End, unplug the additional sets. When the defective light set is plugged into the AC outlet and no lights are lit, you are ready to use the Quick Fix Plug Connector. If the light set is partially lit (this is common in 100 light sets which are constructed with two 50 light sections), you must first isolate the problem by removing one bulb from each lit section before using the Alternate Plug Connector Method.

Alternate Step 1B: With no lights lit, plug the defective light set into LightKeeper Pro Plug Connector. Pull the trigger 30 times repairing any bulb shunts needing repair.

Alternate Step 1C: Now plug the set into the AC outlet. The previously defective section should now light. Replace any bulbs previously removed from the lit sections and replace all burned out bulbs. If lights did not illuminate, use the Voltage Detector in Step 2A.