Light Keeper Pro

Audible Voltage Detector

The Audible Voltage Detector with the aid of sound indicators, offers a second method to fix your light sets. The point where the power interruption occurs is the source of the problem.

Step 1

Plug the defective light set into the outlet.

Step 2

Hold down the black button on top of the LightKeeper Pro to activate the Continuity Detector. The red LED will light indicating the detector is on.

Step 3


Place the tip of the LightKeeper Pro against the first bulb closest to the plug and outlet (Figure 3a). If a beeping sound is heard proceed to Step 4.

If you do not hear a beeping from the first bulb, REVERSE THE PLUG IN THE OUTLET AND REPEAT STEP 3. (Figure 3b)

This establishes the proper polarity and the beeping sound should now be heard from the area of the first bulb.

Step 4

With the defective light set plugged in and Step 3 successfully completed, move the LightKeeper Pro tip towards the light set wires at a spot a few inches past the first bulb (Figure 4). The Continuity Detector should start beeping steadily when the proper distance (approx. 1/2 in.) is established.

Step 5

Once the correct scan distance is found, move the tip of the LightKeeper Pro along the length of the light set keeping the tip at this approximate distance until the beeping stops. Continuing to hold black button down, reverse the direction of the scan and rescan past the spot where the beeping stopped. The bulb between where the detector beeps and doesn’t is where the problem is indicated.

Step 6

Remove the defective bulb and replace it with a new bulb. Both brass contacts should be at an equal height and corrosion free. All lights should now light.

Step 7


The LightKeeper Pro can isolate continuity faults in Icicle light sets. Using the same method as with standard minilights, plug in the defective string and scan along its length (Figure 7).

If continuity fails between the hanging stands (icicles), check each bulb along the hanging strand with the individual Bulb Tester.

Remove the bad bulb and replace it with a new bulb. All lights should now light.