Light Keeper Pro

Quick Fix Trigger – Fixes Lights in One Click

Fix Lights using the Quick Fix Trigger Technology which repairs the most common problem of light set failure, a malfunctioning bulb “shunt”.


Step 1A: Locate and remove any single Unlit Bulb from the light set section that is not lit. Clear the socket area of tinsel or any foreign material. Plug the empty bulb socket fully into the LightKeeper Pro’s Socket Connector. The metal contacts of the bulb socket must line up with the metal contacts of the LightKeeper Pro’s Socket Connector.

Step 1B: With the bulb socket in the Socket Connector and the light set plugged into the AC outlet, pull the trigger until the light set illuminates. If lights do not illuminate after 30 pulls then use the Audible Voltage Detector.

Step 1C: Unplug the light set from the AC outlet and return the removed bulb to the empty light socket. Be sure to replace any unlit bulbs to help extend the life of your light set.